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Brookfield Family Practice

Primary Care Brookfield, WI

At Brookfield Primary Care, our focus revolves around providing exceptional primary healthcare services aligned with the core values of well-being, dignity, affordability and accessibility.

Here at SAAK Health, we believe that maintaining health is the bedrock of a person’s ability to have a vigorous & active life. And this is achieved through strong primary care services that are conveniently approachable. Here, we prioritize the optimal health of our patients through affordable, accessible, preventive and therapeutic solutions through the Brookfield Family Practice clinic.

Our physicians collaborate in our multidisciplinary clinic to provide a comprehensive understanding of our patients’ health requirements and provide advanced subspecialty services where required. Located in Brookfield, WI, our neighborhood complex welcomes individuals seeking top-tier Family Care by ensuring accessibility and quality healthcare services for all. Additionally, if outpatient surgical services are needed, our complex houses a state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center on-site for our patients’ convenience.

Your family's health is our priority - let us be your trusted partner in healthcare.
Among the offerings available at our Wellness Care Center in Brookfield, WI, include:

Family medicine


Wellness exams and care

Preventive care

Chronic Condition Evaluation and Management

Annual Wellness Check in Brookfield, WI

Annual Wellness checks are crucial to keeping up with your body and its changes. Wellness checks are a proactive way to stay on top of your healthcare needs through preventive services and monitoring of chronic medical conditions.

At the Brookfield Family Practice clinic, we prioritize Annual Wellness Checks in Brookfield, WI, as a cornerstone of maintaining health, in line with SAAK Health's mission. Employing advanced medical science and innovative technology, our physicians conduct thorough assessments, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of individual health needs while steadfastly emphasizing well-being and dignity.

Frequently Asked Questions

An annual wellness exam is a comprehensive preventive care visit focusing on overall health and well-being. It involves a review of medical history, risk assessments, screenings, and personalized health planning to promote wellness and disease prevention.